Welcome to the internet resource for fans of Jeremy Davies. This talented actor has graced both television and films for over a decade.

Jeremy Davies earned acclaim and praise from critics and fans alike for roles such as Daniel Faraday on the television series Lost, Corporal Timothy Upham in Saving Private Ryan, Flyboy in The Locusts, Tom Tom in Million Dollar Hotel, Paul Ballard in CQ, and many more.

Most recently, his work as physicist Daniel Faraday on Lost has propelled him to the status of one of the most popular and well-liked characters on television.

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Justified (TV Series)

Character: Dickie Bennett
Channel: FX
Wednesdays, 10PM ET


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Jeremy Davies Zone is an unofficial website created by a fan for fellow fans. We have lots of information for Jeremy Davies fans including his biography, full filmography, interviews, and more. We also have the most extensive Jeremy Davies photo galleries on the web which includes screencaps from every single film that he has been in to date. There is also a Fan Zone section for Jeremy Davies fans where you can participate in our monthly polls, along with our Fan Guestbook where you can leave your comments and show your appreciation for Jeremy Davies. We have also collected Jeremy Davies fan sightings and encounters which you will find in our Fan Zone.

Jeremy Davies is best known to fans for his role as scientist Daniel Faraday on the ABC hit drama Lost. With his acting talent and charisma, Davies made Daniel Faraday an instant fan favorite. Long before his role on Lost, Jeremy Davies had established himself as a powerful and moving actor. He is more comfortable when he is working in the Indie film industry which allows for more creative freedom as opposed to the formulaic confines of the mainstream Hollywood studio films. You can find him displaying his many talents in a variety of quirky, intense, and interesting films.

Latest News

- The new season of Justified premieres on January 17, at 10pm on FX. Check out the new trailer here.

- 10/8
Happy Birthday Jeremy!

- Costa Rican singer Debbi Nova filed a ridiculous lawsuit against Jeremy Davies because her defective shower door broke and she claims she suffered "numerous internal and external injuries". Since Jeremy owns the building, Nova claims that he should have been aware of the defective shower door. Apparently she never informed him that the door was defective and asked him to fix it, he just should have known about it on his own. Story Here.

- The Dickie Bennett screencaps from episodes 11 (Full Commitment), 12 (Reckoning), and 13 (Bloody Harlan) of Justified have been added to our Photo Galleries.

- Screencaps of Jeremy Davies as Dickie Bennett from episode 10 of Justified have been added to the Photo Galleries.

- The season finale of Justified aired last night. Fans can go on over to Jeremy Davies Daily to give your thoughts on the season finale, the show in general, and Jeremy Davies' role and future as Dickie Bennett.

- Screencaps of Jeremy Davies as Dickie Bennett from episode 9 of Justified have been added to the Photo Galleries.

- Screencaps of Jeremy Davies as Dickie Bennett from episode 8 of Justified have been added to the Photo Galleries.

- A new Jeremy Davies video interview plus the printed version conducted from the set of Justified have been added to the Interviews section. I want to note that the sound of the video interview is really bad, there is a lot of background noise and at some points you can barely hear Jeremy's voice. Thankfully, BeesKnees from our Jeremy Davies Daily community provided the printed version of the interview as well, and that has also been posted here so you can watch the video and read the interview. Thank you BeesKnees!

Whether you are a new fan or have known about his talent for some time now , hang here at Jeremy Davies Zone, your internet source for this wonderful, gifted, and intelligent actor. And do not hesitate to visit our Livejournal community sister site Jeremy Davies Daily, the source for your daily dose of Davies.

Catch Jeremy on TV this month
These listings reflect US Eastern time. Please double check your local listings for the airtime in your zone.

October 12, 5:00 PM - HBO2e  Solaris
October 15, 9:15 AM - HBO2e  Solaris
October 16, 7:00 PM - TNT  Saving Private Ryan
October 16, 10:35 PM - TNT  Saving Private Ryan
October 17, 1:30 AM - FLIXe  Dogville
October 17, 9:15 PM - IFC  Ravenous
October 18, 12:30 AM - IFC  Ravenous
October 18, 9:40 PM - TMCe  Manderlay

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